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Kootz Rootz Booze Cruise


OK, it's not exactly what you think! We were not on a booze cruise per se. Kootz Rootz recently met up with two local Kootenay businesses to talk collaboration - our favourite word! We had the pleasure of meeting Wade and Dave, two fellow entrepreneurs who are rocking the alcoholic beverage world in the Kootenays.

Wade is the owner of Bohemian Spirits. His distillery focuses on gin (they currently offer 3 varieties), as well as a vodka and a fine coffee liquer. Their limited gin features botanicals right from their own backyard in beautiful Kimberley. Bohemian Spirits uses the tagline Good Cheer Here so we knew we were kindred spirits as we are The Original Happy Hour Brand!


Dave runs the William Tell Family Estate in Creston. He has created a fabulous line of hard ciders, non alcoholic drinking vinegars, sparkling ciders, and fruit spreads all from the fruit grown on JRD farms. That's right, the fruit picked from their own trees goes straight into the product. This is rare and special. (Many places just purchase the fruit as it is cheaper and less laborious.)

pears for hard cider, William Tell Family Estate, friend of Kootz Rootz, Creston BC

We've tested the products and they definitely get a Kootz approval in our books. When something is local and hand-crafted with such passion, well, it's hard not to love!

Stay tuned for what we have in store with these hard working local businesses in the next few months!

Interested in collaborating with Kootz Rootz? Would you like us to host a Pop-up shop at your business? Contact us  |  [email protected]

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