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Kootenay Legends & New Swag

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Kootenay Legend Snapback, Kootenay life hat, Kootenay inspired clothing

The Kootenay Legend Snapback is here! Our new trucker hats features a woven patch with gold accents paying tribute to the legend of the Kootenay Lake Gold Boulder. We went all out on these hats and even have a custom Kootz Rootz label sewn into the inside of the brim!

Why would we name a hat after a mining story centuries old? Well, we grew up 30 minutes from Grey Creek BC, the location where the legend originated, and were told numerous stories over the years about the famous Gold Boulder. When we decided to incorporate gold into our new head wear, it immediately conjured up campfire tales from our youth. One of our favourite spin-offs was about the high number of UFO sightings in the Kootenays. Apparently, it's due to the lure of the giant, golden nugget beneath the lake. It was attracting not just fortune-crazed locals, but creatures from another dimension! (I know what you're thinking, but this was before the Shambhala days people!)

Kootenay inspired trucker hat with Kootz Rootz patch label

No matter what you believe, we think the Gold Boulder Legend sounds pretty legit. I mean, c'mon, this story is coming from the same region that boasts Sasquatch sightings. What sounds more plausible to you?

If you'd like to learn more about Sasquatch in the Kootenays, we suggest researching the late, great, René Dahinden.

Upon further research, we've also heard a few stories from folks who claim (mining pun intended) they have a friend of a friend whose cousin's uncle dedicated his life to tracking the boulder. Allegedly, this Kootenay resident found the boulder but passed away before he could retrieve it. Who is going to argue with a friend of a friends' cousins' uncle?

Herringbone trucker hat with snapback by Kootz Rootz, the original happy hour brand

Scoff all you will, we'd just like to remind you that the next time you're cruising the shores of Kootenay Lake between Riondel and Grey Creek, don't forget to look down. You never know what you might find! 

Get your hat here. Stay gold Kootenay friends! 

You can read a great version of the Gold Boulder Legend here. (Extraterrestrials not included)

 Model Ian, from Cranbrook BC, wearing all 3 styles. 2018 © Kootz Rootz™

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