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Spring in the Kootenays: May Updates

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Spring in the Kootenays

We haven't done a photo diary in quite some time so we wanted to share some of our activities from this month. We've spent this month really appreciating the change of seasons. After such a long, snowy winter, it feels like this year's transition was more eagerly anticipated than ever across the whole country. We spent our long weekend between Boswell and Creston. And yes folks, that beauty is a grizzly bear! 


A few Spring perks we enjoyed were hiking around Kootenay Lake and exploring our surroundings with our kids (an intense study of creek beds, slugs, plants and rock collecting), mandatory Happy Hour around a crackling campfire (our go-to bevies are spicy caesars and bold red wines) with s'mores for the kids. OK, pretty sure the adults were eating their share of s'mores too, let's be real.


We also spent some time in town (Creston). We picked up coffee and a refreshing Kootenay Komubucha from Buffalo Trails Coffee on Mainstreet, then hit up the Creston Farmers Market. The market is always a good place to get some shopping done and say hi to friends. William Tell was on site with the custom shirts and hats we designed for them (and their amazing orchard products, of course) and we met an awesome new vendor, Dylan, from Paleo Go, who has a great back story on their brand.


We wrapped our afternoon with a delicious lunch and patio hang at the Skimmerhorn Winery and tried their new, and much anticipated, rosé. Between the pea and chive spatzl, that tasted like summer on a plate, to the gorgeous orchard views, us Mom's relished in the quiet relaxation! As usual, the local delights were perfect, the company was good, and the scenery was beautiful. 


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
-- Margaret Atwood

Collaborations + More

We recently received some awesome Made in BC goodies in the mail that we've had the opportunity to test out. You can read our thoughts on the Goldilocks wraps from Victoria on our last blog post. If you're looking for plastic free alternatives, these beeswax wraps are perfect.

We also tested out Blume, a vegan, caffeine free, gluten free and organic latte mixe, made by lady bosses, Karen and Ella, in Vancouver. It was a hot day, so we opted to make a cold drink from the Beetroot Latte mix. We simply added cashew milk and ice. You can add sweetener as well but we tested it before adding anything and we felt we didn't need any! The sweetness of the beetroot and warmth from the ginger and cloves was honestly perfect. The colour alone made us swoon. (This would also be awesome blended) The fact that you can drink it hot makes it a great coffee alternative and adding ice for hot days pretty much gives you a year round health tonic. Well done ladies!

If you have a product that you think we'd like, contact us to send it our way or visit our collaborations page for deets! 


We also have a new drink recipe brewing... crafted by Kootz Rootz, featuring our potable pals at Bohemian Spirits (Kimberley, BC). If you recall, we built a pretty epic Caesar in November with the Bohemian Limited Gin. We will be hosting a pop-up shop with the Bohemian Gang on Saturday June 2nd. See our events page for details and stay tuned for a fun summer cocktail!

We spent May Long Sunday at Casey's Community House in Creston helping celebrate their grand opening weekend. Details on that to come.

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'
-- Robin Williams

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