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Kootz Rootz Turns ONE!

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Holy Sasquatch, is one year old today!

It's hard to believe that 365 days have already passed since we launched our online store! When we started chipping away on this project in 2013, we didn't know what to expect. However, once our apparel went public, things got really exciting and plans developed quickly. The support from everyone has been a gift. Thank you to all of our customers and friends, first and foremost. You inspire us to continue despite the challenges of the year and allow our vision to flourish.

As a a thank you, we've designed a free Kootenay-inspired digital download for your desktop and phone. You can get them here.

The two of us at Kootenay Lake enjoying juice from The Raw House, Cranbrook. Cheers to you!

Outdoor women. Verdant Creek, Kootenay National Park  /  Photo:

Kootz Rootz has always been more than just clothing, we truly love where we grew up and supporting other local businesses. We are big advocates of Kootenay tourism, outdoor recreation, and taking pride in our rootz. In fact, our first tastes of working life were all based around the Kootenay tourism industry! 

Our fave Kootenay jobs from 'back in the day': The Glass House, Boswell BC / The Columbia Brewery, Creston BC / Goat Mountain Soap, Yahk BC

Snow days at Red Mountain (vintage Leah and Kelsey) - Rossland, BC / The Glass House - Boswell, BC / Cultass Creek - Kootenay Lake

Our biggest accomplishment this year has definitely been our collaborations. We love supporting other entrepreneurs, especially working Moms like us who know that with kids and jobs, the hustle is real! The fine folks we’ve teamed up with to date have not only been wonderful to work with, but a source of knowledge and inspiration. We keep things as local as possible and want to see our home region flourish. Our photography, social media, and blog content is always 99% Kootenay focused. 


There's nothing better than walking down the street and seeing someone wearing a hat we designed, or finding a pic in our inbox of someone sporting a Kootz Rootz T-shirt halfway across the world.

Our first professional photo shoot on Kootenay Lake with some awesome Kootenay peeps.

We had a year of fast-paced growth, both in business and personally. Our Instagram has blossomed to almost 3k strong - a community of real people who engage with us daily. Being active on our social media allows us to interact and share awesome stuff with local Kootenay adventurers, nature-loving Canadians, and folks who have reached out to us from miles away. We love communicating visually and work hard at creating high quality and relevant content.

We were recently featured on, talking about our first year in biz, and our top 6 pieces of advice for new business owners! Read it here.

A brisk photo shoot in the Kootenay Rockies for our Fall-Winter Collection. Verdant Creek, Kootenay National Park

Running a business is no joke, and though we had a few setbacks in 2017, the overall vibe was rife with excitement and opportunity. We are both creative women so our biggest problem is that we have too many ideas and not nearly enough resources to execute them all. On the positive side, this encourages us to continue to work hard and learn new things daily.

Do you own a NEW small business? We’d love if you shared in the comments some of your biggest small biz successes and lessons learned! 

Kootz Rootz co-wners Leah and Kelsey at Kootenay Lake
Sister-sister! Drinking all the coffee, brainstorming, and chilling at Kootenay Lake is our thing.
Photo: / Coffee Mugs: Pridham Studio, Creston BC

Find your tribe and love them hard! Happy Hour in Kootenay National Park.  /  Photo:

So, what’s in the books for 2018? So glad you asked! We have a few surprises up our sleeves that we’re not ready to divulge yet, but here is what we can share:

  1. Collaborations are coming fast and furious. We have a number of partnerships coming down the pipe that we think you’ll be excited about. We’ll be introducing new Kootenay talent and teaming up with other Canadian makers we love!
    If you are interested in working with Kootz Rootz, please contact us.

  2. MORE Giveaways: The more the merrier we say! Freebies to the people! (This is literally what we shout during a giveaway.)

  3. NEW Product: Check out the latest... Kootenay Legend Snapback, and our packs are BACK!
Have an idea for a product that you’d love to see Kootz Rootz create? Have you displayed your rootz when travelling to exotic lands? Let us know! And be sure to tag @kootzrootz in your photos – we love sharing customer pics!
Photos by the fabulous / Archived family photos 2018 © Kootz Rootz™

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