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Kootz Collective is for Sale!


Looking to own a business with no start-up fees or stress? Want to be part of a brand that celebrates outdoor life and its Kootenay roots? Looking for a side-hustle or full-time gig with an established following of loyal brand supporters?

We got you!

We are excited and bittersweet to announce the sale of our beloved apparel and goods business. We started Kootz Collective in 2011 as just an idea that we tossed around for a few years until 2015 when we finally started producing apparel and goods. In early 2017, our online store launched and we were truly not prepared for the overwhelmingly positive response to our brand. Since then, we have grown every year and couldn't be more proud to where we have brought the business.

Why are we selling? 

Due to rapid expansion of our brand, we no longer have the capacity to give it the time and attention it needs. Kootz Collective was and still is a side business for us. We have full time careers in the city and are also both raising families. With full time jobs and our kids becoming more involved in extracurricular activities, we had to choose something to let go.

We are seeking an individual, partnership, or business to take on our popular brand and keep it growing!

From a complete website and robust design catalogue, we've done all the hard work already and have built up substantial business assets. In 2020 alone, we increased our sales 44% from 2019. 

Based on proven year over year sales growth, returning customer rate, average customer purchase price increases and social media growth, we feel with the right fit, there is major potential for increased profits and brand exposure.

Our commitment to well thought out designs, comfortable, cozy, and unisex apparel, and a curated outdoor and Kootenay-focused social media platform has set us apart and established us as a trusted go-to brand in a niche market. We plan to run 'business as usual' until we find a committed and appropriate buyer. 



Want to learn more?

Please email us and introduce yourself and let's chat further! Serious inquiries only. 

To read more about us, our business, initiatives and press, visit our about us page