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A Spring in our Step

We've got a spring in our step this month because we're launching 2 fresh outdoor and Kootenay-inspired products before our main Spring/Summer launch. We are so excited about them that we just couldn't wait. These are new items that we've never done before.

Are you ready? No, really, are you ready? Here goes...

Nature is calling and we've got the coat to take you through the elements! Windy, rainy, or cool days, we got you. The new anorak style raincoats are here and we are beyond stoked on the style, quality and versatility of this jacket. (Not to mention, the black camo design and bold Kootz branding). These anorak jackets are unisex and feature an adjustable 3-panel hood, scuba neck with 1/2 zip, a hidden zipper front pocket, and side slit pockets. So, don't be shy, get outside and stay dry! These are in limited supply.



We love colour, we love nature, we love a multipurpose item! These new vibrant, fully sublimated towels were made for camping, hiking, sports, or the beach. They are super lightweight and easy-to-pack. At 30" x 60" these microfibre beauts are stunning in person. You can grab our classic logo with a rich Enchanted Forest design or Kootenay Babe with a dreamy Cotton Candy Sky design.


We hope you are as excited about these new products as we are! We'd love to hear what you think on social media. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

PLUS... some old favourites are back.

Our Tree Crew flew out of the shop so fast at the beginning of the New Year that we've restocked and added an additional colour. Get this popular unisex raglan crew in Sand or our new shade, Olive. 


Toques went fast this winter, as usual, so we did one final run for shoulder season. We have just a few left of this most recent batch in orange, lime, black and wheat. Our bright orange and lime toques are high visibility and have been a hit with runners and hikers. They're also great for taking the chill off when camping in the mountains this time of year. We change up colours often so if there is a colour that appeals to you, snap it up now!


For a limited time, spend $50 in the online shop and we will throw in a free sticker.

Our full Spring/Summer line up of apparel is coming soon. We've got some more popular restocks rolling out as well as brand new looks and colours.

We are really looking forward to this upcoming season. 2020 was a tough year and though 2021 has started off in much the same way, we are hopeful that as COVID-19 numbers dwindle further, things will slowly get back to "normal". We have some fun local travel planned and most of it is already isolated and in the backcountry. That's what we enjoy so we don't have to stress too much about social distancing and can't wait to show you what we'll be up to!

Continue to stay safe, stay healthy, and be kind to one another.


It's March Meet the Maker month! Here are some super random facts about us, Leah and Kelsey, the team behind Kootz Collective.

10 random facts about Leah:
  1. I'm an Aries, Enneagram 1. Enough said. I'm currently working on being less of a perfectionist to reduce unnecessary stress in my life.
  2. I had some super fun and unique jobs growing up, including, working at the Glass House in Boswell, touring and handing out beer samples at the Columbia Brewery in Creston, and slinging mud at Teck in Trail in the sulfide leaching plant.
  3. I love cooking. I'm good at it and rarely follow a recipe. On the other hand, I hate to bake and screw up even the SIMPLEST recipes!
  4. I've run 3 10kms races in the past but haven't done one in almost 5 years - hoping to get back into running and signing up for a race.
  5. My house flooded in 2013. We had 5 feet of water in our basement and lived with Kelsey for 10 days while our home was fixed up. I was also 6 months pregnant. It sucked!
  6. I try to live sustainably. I wear the clothes we design at Kootz Collective and shop thrift. We have reduced one-time use plastic in our home substantially and I always try to buy used first with many products.
  7. I love to travel. My favourite destinations so far have been Italy and Iceland. Plans to visit Croatia by 2022 and Germany with our kids by 2027 - go away COVID!
  8. I have two kids in a German Bilingual public school. We don't speak German at home, so basically, my kids will be trashing me behind my back for the rest of my life and I won't know 😅
  9. I went to high school with my husband and have known him for over 20 years, but we didn't start dating till years after we graduated.
  10. I drink my coffee and tea black. If you're adding sugar and cream to your coffee, you don't like coffee! 😉 

10 Random Facts about Kelsey:
  1. I'm a Capricorn (I'm a New Year's Day baby!) - hardworking, responsible, loyal and a traditionalist - yup that sums it up.
  2. I enjoyed the array of Kootenay jobs I grew up having, including tour guide at the Glass House in Boswell, picking asparagus in Creston, making soap at Goat Mountain Soap and scooping ice cream at Two Scoop Steve's in Yahk. And my least enjoyable job was a labourer in the Indium/Germanium plant at Teck in Trail, yuck! (Go ahead make your lead baby jokes)!
  3. I have backpacked across 7 European countries.
  4. Besides home (the Kootenays) my second favourite place in BC is Tofino and in Canada, Fogo Island, NL.
  5. My husband is a Newfoundlander and we have one son. Yes B'y!
  6. I grew up skiing Red Mountain and water skiing and fishing on Kootenay Lake.
  7. I love the Art Nouveau movement and designed my own tattoo in that style that says Koots Roots on my leg (17 yrs ago)!
  8. I have no broken bones, but have 4 stitches in my finger from an art project gone wrong and I ate half a packet of blue Rit Dye powder when I was a toddler! 
  9. Red wine + campfires are the best combination.
  10. Minimalist designer, typography addict and a lover of food and product styling.

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