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Fall in the Kootz

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No pumpkin spice lattes were harmed in the creation of this blog post.

Kootenay Lake British Columbia, Kootz Collective

Fall is definitely our favourite season. When the leaves start to change and the snow starts drifting down the mountain peaks, it’s absolute eye candy. We spent Thanksgiving on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake with our family and a nice stretch of glorious weather. Crisp, misty mornings and clear, sunny skies in the afternoon - the perfect autumn vibes. Hiking and beach-combing were on our radar as well as campfires and cocktails. We’re pretty predictable at this point, aren’t we? We also thoroughly enjoyed our Mom’s delectable turkey and all the trimmings! We also raided a few neighbours gardens and took home some of the glorious greens and tomatoes that were still in full swing this late in the year. We will hoard free, local, organic food any time and aren't afraid to admit it, lol. (Come at us with your surplus garlic, bro.)

sunset on Kootenay lake, British Columbia, Boswell BC, Kootz Collective   

We all had a chance to stop in at Sirdar Station Pub last week. If you’re local, you’ll know the pub has reopened after 5 (long) years and we definitely recommend you test it out. We had burgers and the fish and chips and it’s super solid pub food at a good price and friendly service. Lots of choices for local brews and wines as well - a cold glass of Skimmerhorn's Gewürztraminer with crispy fried fish is a no-brainer. It’s great to see this historic roadside pub back in action! 


We also headed down the East Shore a bit further to Crawford Bay. A favourite hang-out of ours. We lunched at the always amazing Black Salt Cafe and had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow business owner, Dylan, from Paleo Go. Paleo Go crafts some tasty vegan, gluten, soy and dairy free bars, made locally in Creston. We've had the bars before and they are flavourful and nourishing. A great addition to your snack or meal replacement repertoire. And you don’t have to be strictly paleo to enjoy said bars - they’re just full of good, natural stuff, so it’s a win for anyone!


We then spent some time just driving and walking around Crawford Bay, soaking in the fantastic Fall weather. We took a peek at the stunning new Temple of Light at the Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay designed by Patkau Architects (Vancouver). We are both art school grads over here so we don't pass up an opportunity to check out something unique! Leah also picked up some awesome new noodle bowls at Dog Patch Pottery


Creston boasts a ton of great produce stands and mom and pop roadside stops to grab fresh goodies. We really love Wlokas for their large selection and super friendly staff. We always stop when heading out of town. We loaded up on some seasonal staples: Brussels sprouts (on the branch!), huge bulbs of tasty Russian garlic, onions, Russian blue potatoes, Hungarian sweet peppers, Gala apples, Anjou pears and a variety of squash and pumpkins (Kelsey picked up a spooky looking ghost pumpkin for her Halloween decor - its grey!) 



October has been a busy month and we have a big announcement dropping next month. Make sure you stick around to stay in the loop! Until then, take advantage of our free shipping all month and all apparel and goods are marked down. Plus, if you spend $75 we will send you a FREE KOOTZ TOQUE


For more great East Shore (and North Shore/Nelson BC) highlights, check out this post from 2017.

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