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Hi everyone! It's been a hot minute since we touched based with you. Last we chatted, we were deep into quarantine, day 287 (so it feels). Since things have turned around a bit we have wandered out of our tiny bubble into the world again. Leah & I only saw each other from 6 feet apart twice and we hadn't seen our parents in 6 months. Not seeing loved ones and going to the places we love is hard, as you all know! As things lifted we decided it was time to venture off to our favourite place, Kootenay Lake!


This trip was all about soaking up the outdoors! If you're able to get outside it will do wonders for the soul. Nature is our therapy. Spring at the lake is fresh and flourishing. To view some Kootenay eye-candy keep scrolling.


Top left: Wild roses are blooming everywhere and they are extremely fragrant. 

Bottom Left: This felty foliage seen above is called "Snow in Summer". It is a low, spreading perennial native to alpine regions.

We headed out one day to do some obligatory wine tasting. If you have been following us for some time now you will have surely gotten the hint that we (really) enjoy our wine. And Creston has some of the best! We went to Bailie Grohman and they were not quite ready to do full tastings yet due to COVID. However, if you brought your own glasses and bought a bottle to enjoy then they were happy to accommodate. Clearly we said, yes! We sipped away a rainy afternoon with their Florence Rosé. Also, if you were wondering if they're back to doing tastings, yes they are! Go give them a visit and taste their wonderful wines.


Another place in Creston that we have mad local love for is Sutcliffe's Asparagus Farm. If you've had fresh asparagus from them then you understand when we say, it is the best! Our Mom was one of Creston's first asparagus pickers and Kelsey also picked one Summer when she was younger. Unfortunately, asparagus season is over so you will have to wait until next Spring to get your hands on those delicious green spears.


We went fishing, enjoyed daily nature walks, did an annual high water beach clean and had a lot of campfires, with s'mores of course. But the best part of it all was seeing family, who we missed dearly. It was nice to catch up after all of the craziness that we have experienced in the last few months and we are very grateful for all of our good health. Being away from family is hard and if you haven't seen your loved ones in awhile, give them the BIGGEST hug when you do!


We have been truly humbled by all of the orders over the past few months. Thank you for shopping small and local. Show us your Kootz clothing on Facebook and Instagram. Tag us @kootzcollective #kootzcollective



We've got a fun giveaway going on now. Two lucky winners will win their choice of a new Kids T! Head to our Instagram to enter @kootzcollective

New looks for Summer 2020 (or, the weirdest Summer ever, if you will) will be coming down the pipe in July. 

Thank you again to everyone for supporting our small business during this time. We are disappointed to be missing out on markets this year, as it's a huge social event for us, and a way to connect with you all. The internet is a great invention but it can never replace us being able to say hello and thank you in person. We are looking forward to more normalcy in 2021!

Kelsey & Leah

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